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Comment posted by Angel M.( ), 28.06.2016, 19:21 (UTC):
Anticipating the advent of 2012 and the expected cataclysmic changes that were expected, left most observers in an anti-climatic let-down and resultant depression. Now in June 2016 we see undeniable evidence of the predictions that were foretold to transpire in 2012...predictions that have SLOWLY come to fruition. Looking at your video of the 2SUNS in 2018 gives me GREAT HOPE FOR OUR FUTURE! This planet EARTH and it's inhabitants will be faced with many soul-wrenching choices and decisions concerning our personal and global futures. I'm optimistic that a higher consciousness will be a direct result of this life's perception of reality...we must embrace a metaphysical and a quantum mechanical/ physical change in our life...a PARADIGM SHIFT is most definitely upon us. We must embrace it to EVOLVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

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